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Speaker Stands


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Elevate your sound.

Built with heavy hand-hammered metal with a wood pedestal to match Platform and Sidecar, Output’s Speaker Stands will make your space look and sound better.

Includes 8 acoustic spikes and spike pads, isolation pad and cable clips.


Adjustable Height

Place your monitors at the exact right height for you. Pedestals adjust freely anywhere from 104.1 cm to 119.4 cm.


Swiveling Pedestals

Create the ideal listening experience. Easily adjust the angle of your pedestals to point your monitors in the exact direction you’d like, without having to compromise placement of the Stands.


Acoustic Spikes

The Stands come with a set of 8 acoustic spikes to help isolate the sounds coming from your monitors and anchor everything to the ground. Spike pads are also included to cushion against hardwood and other surfaces.


Steel Base

Hand-welded, heavy duty steel tripod base, weighing in at nearly 11 kg each. Our sturdy stands reliably support 90+ kg monitors.



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We offer a 30 day guarantee on Stands just in case you are not completely satisfied.


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Driftwood Grey, Kodiak Brown, Natural